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3 Clay Mask

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3 Clay Mask -An ayurvedic blend of volcanic clays such as bentonite, zeolite, and Multani which have potent extraction and detoxification properties, with added sandalwood powder to enhance the soothing and healing properties of the mask. This formula is excellent and can be used in conjunction with internal blood purifiers, parasite cleanses, and a good skin routine. Note: when underlying issues are present such as hormonal imbalances or repetitive contact with an allergen the cause needs to be addressed.

This formulation has a variety of uses, these include:

- Acne Bacterial skin infections
- Hormonal breakouts

- Eczema 
- Allergic dermatitis
- Boils
- Cuts
- Stings
- Bites



Apply a 1/4 teaspoon into water/rosewater/NN toner to form a paste. The thicker the paste the more potent and drying the effect. Can be used 3 x a week for acne management. May be used daily as a scrub but mix as a thinner paste. Use daily for bacterial skin infections/cuts/stings/bites.


Bentonite, Zeolite and Multani & Sandalwood.