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Baby Bum Balm

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Baby Bum Balm is a bentonite and coconut oil-based balm aimed at relieving inflamed rashes, weeping, and infected skin. Bentonite clay originates from volcanic ash. It possesses potent detoxifying, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory effects.The Calendula & Hypericum, help in healing and nourishing the skin. Combined with Coconut Oil and omegas this formulation is effective in easing inflamed skin conditions.

This formulation has a variety of uses, these include:

- Nappy rash
- Inflamed/broken skin
- Cuts & scrapes
- Thrush
- Yeast
- Eczema
- Bacterial/viral skin infections
- Allergic skin reactions
- Safe for newborn skin


Apply directly on inflamed/broken skin after each nappy change, or after a bath. May be used in acute cases.

Skin test in newborns: apply to elbow, leave for 12 hours, if no irritation proceed to use.


Bentonite clay, with shea butter, coconut oil, Calendula, St John’s wort, Vit E & zinc oxide.