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Knocked Out baby

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Sleep deprivation can be taxing on a newborn, as well as the entire family. The Knocked Out baby formula helps ease the effects of sleep deprivation by gently sedating and calming a restless infant. Rich in Chamomile & melissa, this herbal blend guides your little one to attain a deeper, natural sleep to facilitate growth and healthy sleeping patterns. These herbs simultaneously act to reduce cramps, discomfort, and colic/reflux. 

Free of harsh chemicals this formula aims to be gentle on infants while still soothing a restless nervous system. 

 This formulation has a variety of uses, these include: 

- Broken & Restless Sleep
- Calming & soothing
- Irritability
-Long flights or journeys
-digestive ailments


    6months +: 20 drops in hot water (to evaporate alcohol) before bed, undiluted may prove stronger. 


    Chamomile, Melissa & passionflower In an alcohol base.