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Magic Calm Drops

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Magic Calm Drops is an ayurvedic blend of antispasmodic herbs to ease tummy aches, cramps, and colic. Rich in chamomile and fennel, this calminative blend acts to induce sleep, ease reflux, and improve digestion. Safe from newborn, this blend has been effective in reducing restlessness, irritability and help build healthy sleep routines for mums and babies. Safe from newborn, gentle on the liver this formulation is 100% ALCOHOL-FREE.

 This formulation has a variety of uses, these include:

- Sleep Aid
- Calming
- Digestive Ailments
- Colic
- Reflux
- Cramps
- Restlessness



Newborn: 2-5 drops before every feed.

3-6months: 15-20 drops 3x daily before feeds.

>6months: 20 drops.

SLEEP: 3 doses before bed.

If the baby struggles to digest milk, it may be given post feeds. Highly recommended with a probiotic. 


Chamomile, Fennel, Passionflower, Melissa, liquorice, Dil, aniseed.