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Mama Birthing Tea

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Mama Birthing Tea contains red raspberry leaves that have been used since ancient times to stimulate the uterus to assist during the birthing process. This can be used from 36 weeks to reduce the labour time, reduce pain and stimulate milk production. Used post-birth to heal and tone the uterus, reduce inflammation and improve the condition of the reproductive organs while acting as a gentle galactagogue. Our mama birthing tea contains additional Nettle to help boost iron levels, nourish the liver and bring healing to the organs.

This formulation has a variety of uses, these include:

- Irritated skin relief

- Uterus healing & toning
- Reduce inflammation
- Gentle Galactagogue
- Boost Iron levels
- Liver Nourishment



Drink as a tea from 36 weeks: 1 teaspoon into 250mls water. Steep for 10 mins, and add honey to sweeten if necessary. Can be made as a pot to drink throughout the day. 


Red raspberry leaves and Nettle.