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Medford Sinuscript

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SinuScript delivers natural support for acute and chronic sinusitis, post-nasal drip and allergies.

A significant percentage of the population is affected by allergies, sinusitis and rhinitis, and although not a life-threatening condition, it can nevertheless be very debilitating to sinus sufferers, affecting quality of life and productivity.

Sinusitis is a major cause of work and school absenteeism, and is also one of the leading conditions worldwide for which antibiotics are prescribed.

Over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription antihistamine medications are effective for symptom relief, but they can cause side effects such as drowsiness and nausea. As a result, some people wish to try natural alternatives.

SinuScript has been carefully formulated to include a synergistic combination of natural ingredients to provide a more natural alternative for the management of the symptoms of both acute and chronic sinusitis as well as allergies.