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Teething Drops

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Teething can be painful for your baby as they begin to sprout those tiny pearlies. Teething Drops are made entirely of natural herbs, utilizing the power of Chamomile to reduce pain and inflammation, as well as giving baby a better sleep. With a special blend of cloves, this formula is effective in soothing itchy and inflamed gums. A few drops onto your baby's tongue or rubbed onto the gums and the magic happens. Free of harsh chemicals, preservatives, artificial colours/flavours, parabens, mineral oils, or petrochemicals. Use this natural formulation with confidence to help your baby through their teething stages. Gentle on the gut and liver, this formula is 100% Alcohol-FREE.

This formulation has a variety of uses, these include:

- Teething Pain
- Ear Pain
- Restlessness
- Fever
- Sedative
-Itchy gums
-Jaw pain
-Aphthous ulcers
-Denture sensitivity


    Newborn: 2-5 drops directly on the tongue or gums.

    3-6 months: 5-15 drops 

    >6months: 15-20 drops 

    Given as needed. The frequency may increase with age.  


    Chamomile & cloves, in a glycerite base.